To look towards Europe is to open up to new opportunities for networking, participate in innovative projects that improve the quality of our programs and an impulse to advance in the fight against poverty and the active participation of the different interest groups of Red Íncola.

European partner with Red Íncola

If you are interested in being a Red Íncola partner or information about our organization, please contact us.

European Volunteering

Red Incola is accredited as a European Solidarity Corps entity, and we offer the opportunity for young people to volunteer in Europe.

Every year we welcome volunteers from Europe to experience and collaborate in different programs of Red Íncola.

We also facilitate the process of finding projects of entities already approved by the EU that are waiting to find an interested person. Prepare your CV and motivation letter explaining who you are, why you would like to be part of the project, what you think you can contribute and what you think European Solidarity Corps volunteering can bring to you.

If you are interested, please contact us at

Find more information on the European Solidarity Corps on the WEB

Youth Íncola

We want to encourage the participation and commitment of young people in Europe. Youth Íncola is formed by a group of young people, both migrants and natives, interested and motivated to participate in European projects creating intercultural values and youth participation.
If you want to be part of Youthcola, please contact us:

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