Parents for inclusion in Padua: innovating in job search and family reconciliation

We continue to make progress in the“Parents for Inclusion” project funded by Erasmus plus. From April 17 to 20, Laura and Mireya participated in a workshop in Padua, Italy, with our European partners, to follow up the project and test the good practices of San Ricardo Pampuri in the workplace.

With the workshop, we have learned innovative methodologies in the search for employment from the perspective of reconciling family and work, in addition to exercising responsible parenting. The workshop also reflected on the difficulties faced by the beneficiary families of our programs and the importance of creating strategies to overcome them.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to share this meeting in such an incredible setting as Padua and Venice. We will now take this experience to Red Íncola to train the team, both technical and volunteer, and to carry out a new workshop with the families.

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