NEW INVENTED LIFE: development of a new life and interest inventory for refugee and migrants

Project that aims to contribute to the improvement of the expectations of migrants and refugees through the organization of target group interviews and the development of surveys; and to find support for finding solutions to social cohesion problems in the regions of the project partners.

The project is led by Erzurum Thecnical university together with entities from Turkey, Poland, Spain, Greece and Italy. It will be developed during the years 2019-2020 through the Erasmus+ programme.

To achieve this objective, a new social tool that will address issues related to migrants will be created. In accordance with this tool, an inventory, called Invented Life Inventory (ILI), regarding with  educational, social and vocational parameters that affect the life expectancy and future plans of migrants and refugees will be mainly the heart of this project.

The project also aims at finding solutions to the social cohesion problems of migrants and refugees, who are the most affected in the selected project regions, together with the citizenship of the host country.

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