The TIP – Theatre Tools for Islamophobia Prevention

Theatrical tools for the prevention of Islamophobia

European project between Cooperativa Giolli (Italy), Forn de Teatre Pa´tothom (Spain) and Fundación Red Íncola (Spain), that will provide, support and create contexts for discussion among organizations, researches and individuals who know the issue, so as to create another line to combat islamophobia. In order to do this, effots will be made generate theatrical tools to help do so.

The construction of strategies will be studied througt artistic actions to create a debate that can contribute to organizations and trainers in area of the fight against racism and islamophobia.

All this work will be accompanied by national and international meeting, the creation of synergies and reserch on islamophobia.

Facebook: Tooltips – Theatre Tools for Islamophobia Prevention

Process during 2020-2021

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