ANDREIA: Against Human Trafficking


Since January 2020 we have been working on the project “Andreia”, which is financed by the European Union’s AMIF framework, together with five other entities: Agorà Coop (Italian project leader), Centro Studi medi (Italy), Eluliin Mittetulundusühing (Estonia), Exilio (Germany) and Scientific Socitey for Social Cohesion and Development (Greece) The European project «Andreia» aims to develop […]

The TIP – Theatre Tools for Islamophobia Prevention

European project between Cooperativa Giolli (Italy), Misión Locale (France), Forn de Teatre Pa´tothom (Spain) and our organization Fundación Red Íncola (Spain), that will provide, support and create contexts for discussion among organizations, researches and individuals who know the issue, so as to create an innovation line to combat islamophobia. In order to do this, effots […]

All4Inlcusion: Youth against discrimination


In this project, 6 volunteers from Red Incola, together with a youth worker, will participate in a meeting of non-formal education in Romania, between August 31st and September 7th, 2019. This project is led by the organization Fdys and was attended by young people from Ireland, Spain, Greece and Germany. Objective: to get to know […]

Toolbox “Being your Host”: Non-formal education and learning tools in the field of community work with and for young refugees

The toolbox “Being your Host” is intended as an open learning resource for youth workers that are engaged in community work with young refugees, asylum seekers and young people with migration background. Specifically: project managers, community leaders, educators, facilitators, social workers, intercultural mediators that are interested to improve their ability in the social inclusion of […]

Ta-Boom: Cultural identity in multiethnic communities.

TA-BOOM, un proyecto europeo dentro del programa Erasmus + en el que Fundación Red Íncola participa como socio junto las entidades FORME de Italia y PRISM de Malta. Tema: Identidad cultural en comunidades multiétnicas. Jóvenes migrantes.Código del proyecto: 2018-1-IT03-KA205-013103 Objetivo general: Empoderamiento de los jóvenes con experiencia migratoria mediante la creación de oportunidades para la […]